Jesus says for us to be witnesses

to the ends of the earth.


We are committed to sharing the Gospel by going into the mission field or sending our support to those whom the Lord has sent.

?You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth –¬†Acts 1:8

Our mission is to be witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ by:

Supporting PEOPLE in the mission field sharing the Good News.
Supporting overseas MINISTRIES planted to be a ray of hope in remote areas
Sending our PEOPLE into the field on mission trips


Tricia D’Boer founded Africa Arise and now lives in Uganda in Acholi Quarters where she and her team povide trauma counseling. discipleship, job skills training and resettlement of of victims of more than 20 years of war. Tricia D’Boer’s vision is to see identity and dignity restored to those affected, empowering them to live self-sustained, God-filled lives.

Sri Lanka

We help provide monthly educational support to children of Pastors who receive very low income. Pastors live in remote places with very little family income to support their families. We desire to pour into the children of the pastor’s families to give them more opportunity to better their lives.


Eng Yeong Yeong works with a local ministry called Chiang Mai Living Waters. This ministry provides a facility to house the poor people who come to seek medical treatment in the regional hospital. He helps provide free accommodation and rice for the people. On Wednesday evenings, they have a gathering with the patrons and share the gospel message with them and pray for physical needs.


We work Gavin and Amenla who are pastors of a church in Bangalore, India. With their hands on work we help run and develop the Jubilee Home which is a shelter for children whose mother’s are trapped in the sex trade/ human trafficking world in the RED LIGHT district in India. We are currently supporting 9 children aging from 5-14 years old. All aspects of their lives such as shelter, food, security, schooling, and church have been taking care by the Jubilee home.


We support Karen and Ralph Findlng as missionaries to china where they helped teach English to Chinese students as a way to share the gospel. They are currently on sabbatical here in Ontario working with Chinese churches to support and enable a better cross-cultural ministry. They currently help a youth program for teens that have just come from China and are studying in high school in Ontario.

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